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Welcome to The Vocal C.O.D.E Unlocked Blog

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Welcome to the new Vocal Code blog! Whilst the ambassadors and vocalists are out on the road touring and doing sessions this summer I thought it would be great to start communicating more with you! This way Katie and I can share what we've been up to as well as the VC ambassadors. In The blog will give you access to our Vocal Code experiences and will serve as a platform to get the conversation started, share ideas and get questions asked and answered. It is important to build a community and network that serves to inform and inspire.

The Vocal Code was born out of the frustration of not having a hub where rising vocalists and professionals alike could collaborate, share concerns, find solutions and more importantly learn new skills and cultivate talents. There is a huge gap from leaving study to actually finding work in the session music industry and it will be a collective and collaborative effort to bridge that gap. Workshops and masterclasses will mainly be led by the best women in the industry because for once the BV industry is a woman's world! This isn't to say that there are no male BV's they are just few and far between.

There is a need for vocalists to have more resources to protect themselves and their work. There are many vocalists who do not have access to the right paper work, processes or contracts for working in studios, live sessions, Tours, TV and the list goes on. This often results in missed revenue and sometimes unfair treatment. Get the most out of your career and UNLOCK your full working potential with the resources and advice we provide from experience. We are officially part of the Musicians Union Fixer List working and consulting according to their practices. With this in mind we also source vocalists for various projects, Musical Directors, Fixers and productions with an incredible team made up of some of the best in the industry.

Follow our C.O.D.E when working and ensure these elements are always in place:

Create: Go forth, be great stay creative.

Organise: If you make money from your voice you have a business.

Define: Not sure what a clause or term means? Do you have a contract in place?

Empower: Knowledge is power. Working in the industry should not be difficult to navigate once you equip and empower yourself with everything you need to know. Don't worry we've got you covered.

Adetoun & Katie


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