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As the next round of auditions are being planned I thought it would be good to touch on the dress code and offer some tips!

We are primarily looking for backing vocalists for pop acts. There's nothing wrong with showing your personality and individuality with what you wear we love to see that! In saying this though the standard across the board is usually to just wear black. Black is timeless, easy to wear and accessorize.

However you dont have to just wear black just make sure your outfit doesn't take away from what you came to the audition to do! Most bands do it too but a little bit of an edge to the outfit using leather, tartan, silks, band t-shirts and so on with textures can elevate any black outfit to make it feel fresh and current.

Wearing clothes that suit you is very important. It's very telling when someone wears something too tight or even too loose and ill fitting-it can mess with your confidence on the day. Since it's an audition for pop BVs the dress code should be based on the pop scene. It's cool edgy textured and layered with a bit of you thrown in using a red lip or bold accessory not function band esque or corporate. You can dress for any audition based on the theme and what they are looking for however personally I wouldn't be dressing as a Cat for a role on Cats lol! Maybe it would make me memorable who knows lol I think you get the point I'm trying to make!!

The other point to wearing black stylishly is that it gives the panel a blank canvas to build and visualise from. Its neat and functional too so we are not distracted by what you actually came to do-sing!

It's also good when working with an artist to observe what the band and artist themselves wear. For example Ellie Goulding is Sports-Luxe mixed with high fashion and Doc Martin's/All Saints flair. This whole look is reflected on stage as well as off. It's a subconscious thing most of the time to decide what you're going to wear around the band and artist but if you do a little pre-search you can spot the trends!!

The aim is to look like you are part of the team and collective reflecting the artist you're working with. On the flip side some bands are more eclectic so there will be mixed colours and styles on and off stage. Being observant is the key!!

Audition dates to be announced soon! All info can be found on the Vocal Code website.


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