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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The Vocal Code auditions are always fun for us to hear and discover new vocalists mostly for the Pop genre. When auditioning you might be thinking about what to sing so I thought I'd drop a few hints to help! The song choice for the audition is really important and is often the main aspect that can lead to a yes or no if you choose the wrong song.

Firstly, remember you are auditioning to do POP BACKING VOCALS it is not an audition for a FUNCTION BAND! Whilst typical function band songs are amazing, I think that some are unsuitable for this type of audition. Songs that don't go anywhere in the verse or don't show the vocal range you inform us of should be avoided. Why state being a Soprano then sing a song in a key more suited for a Tenor? It sounds like I'm stating the obvious but things like this do happen.

The ambassadors on the Vocal Code website are there as examples of some of the best in the UK BV industry and their individual profiles feature who they have worked with. Looking at their profiles you'll see that 95% of the artists are in the Pop genre and are most likely currently in the charts hint hint! The audition panel is also made up of working BVs and Pop musical directors.

Choosing a song that suits the range that you would have told us you are in is very important too. Many times we have seen vocalists state that they are a Soprano for example and then sing a huge song that is way out of reach. Respect your vocals and perform with integrity so that you feel good about the song you are singing and how you present your vocals. The audition is not the time to take un-calculated risks so give your audition song some real thought and be honest with yourself.

We have made some other changes to help you get off to a good start on the day with your vocals but ultimately its in your hands. The audition will also be set up to be as close to a real working situation as possible. Stay hydrated before hand and bring water on the day too.

After your audition you will receive a full debrief whether you make it on to the roster or not because it is good to get positive and constructive criticism and tips to help you move forward and to also be made aware of any negatives too. Our industry can be tough and the aim is to inform and empower where possible as the industry can often be a murky place to navigate.

With all that said, again please take care to carefully consider your audition song, the panel and the overall aim of what you are essentially trying to achieve vocally and visually on the day.

Adetoun x


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