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Have you ever thought about how Vocalists get work? Do you want to be up there on stage yourself as an Artist or looking for another way to work in the industry as a writer? Do you have an idea of what's required or is this area of the music industry completely new to you? 

Whatever your dilemma is we are creatives and as such we can help you streamline your thoughts and come up with some options to progress. Your online phone call/video consultation will be with one of our industry specific professional mentors. These mentors are currently active in the music industry. You can connect with any of our ambassadors on request based on availability. Depending on your needs we can match you with more than one expert to create your very own dream team of advisors! They have been there, done that and have all the inside knowledge. You will be given honest advice and solutions where possible, using all of their industry resources and you will have unique access to their little black book of contacts if necessary.

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